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Replacing image filename
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Posted by teamleader  · 21-03-2016 - 13:29

Hi there,

I have 2 questions:

- Is there a function to find images inside a docx and change the filename. We use phpdocx in our PAAS as a pdf generating engine based on a word template. Lately we've found customers having images inside the word templates with an invalid filename (often spaces, thank you Microsoft for that...). We would like to find those, change the filename and replace the old name with the new one. Is this possible at all?

- We use a version from 2014.04.21 and we are wondering how upgrading would go and what we should look out for in the differences between our version and v5.5.


Best regards

Posted by admin  · 21-03-2016 - 17:10


There's no method to do that, but if you upgrade to the latest version and includes the LUS we can create a new method to do what you need (this a method that allows to change the name of the images: attr value and file name inside the DOCX).

You can upgrade your license on MYPHPDOCX page after login.