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Docxsetting - zoom setting
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Posted by Sven May  · 04-04-2016 - 11:20


What I want: if user open the generated document it open in 110% zoom.
I found this topic:
...but it not work for me...

The different how I generate my document and example write it that I use template, generate TOC and make a 'new' document with MultiMerge();

Is it possible that the merge override or hide my general word settigns?
My code:

$docx = new CreateDocxFromTemplate($template);

$docx->addText('Table of Contents', array('pStyle'=>'TocStyle'));
$docx->addTableContents(array('autoUpdate'=>true), array('pStyle'=>'AutomaticTable2'));

$docxSettings = array('zoom'=>110);

$merge = new MultiMerge();

$docx = new CreateDocxFromTemplate(<mergedDocx>);
$docxSettings = array('zoom'=>110);

Insert this code above createDocx() function.

Posted by admin  · 05-04-2016 - 06:26


Sorry but the current version of phpdocx doesn't allow to change already existing properties, just set properties for new documents.

We're going to add a task to consider adding this new feature. If you're interested on a custom dev please purchase a pack of tickets and open a new ticket.


Posted by Sven May  · 05-04-2016 - 07:09

Thanks for the answer! :)