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Remove blank spaces
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Posted by cem  · 15-04-2016 - 19:38

I have the Enterprise version 5.1 and I'm using a Word template via CreateDocxFromTemplate.  I looked on the forums and didn't see anything related to this actual issue.   Is there a command or function I can use to ignore/suppress blank lines in the output doc?  

For example, I have a standard address block at the top of a template.  Let's say it's Name, Title, Address per below sample.   If there is no Title for the variable (I'm passing it a blank or empty variable), I would want to do the usual where you remove that blank line so that Address is now right underneath Name.   So that if I'm making an envelope or business letter, I wouldn't want blank lines in the greeting/address block.  Thank you for any help.





Posted by admin  · 17-04-2016 - 08:12


The current version of phpdocx only allows to remove placeholders (replacing them by empty strings) or clean a preset block using this method:

Phpdocx 6 will add a new class to support adding, removing and replacing content dynamically in any part of the main document. For example you'll be able to remove a single or alls paragraphs that contain a full string or a placeholder.