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Replaceplaceholderimage doesn't have option to add url
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Posted by rmhosting  · 26-05-2016 - 19:10

I'm trying to replace a placeholder image and that part is working fine, but I haven't found anywhere where I can link this image to a url.. Is this even possible?

Posted by admin  · 27-05-2016 - 06:15


To add a link to the image you should work with WordFragments, this is the method replaceVariableByWordFragment. The replacePlaceholderImage only replace the image.


Posted by rmhosting  · 27-05-2016 - 11:26

OK but how would that work? In the examples/documents I don't see images being linked only text. 

Posted by admin  · 30-05-2016 - 07:17


Our apologizes, image's links are using their own tags instead of the used by texts so it can't be replaced easily using the current version of phpdocx.

You can set a placeholder such as $VAR_IMAGE_URL$ in the URL image field and this var may be replaced by a new value. Please send us an email to contact[at] and we'll send you a patch to be able to do this kind of replacement.