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Paragraph styles not behaving as expected...
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Posted by AndrewCooper  · 03-06-2016 - 07:39


In the examples for the createParagraphStyles (sample_1.php), I added "font" and "sz" to the style array.  Like so...

$style = array(
    'color' => '999999',
    'border' => 'single',
    'borderLeft' => 'double',
    'borderColor' => '990000',
    'borderRightColor' => '000099',
    'borderWidth' => 12,
    'borderTopWidth' => 24,
    'indentLeft' => 920,
    'font' => "Arial",
    'sz' => "48"

Here's the problem.  It doesn't matter what I change the font to: Arial, Garamond, whatnot. It doesn't make any difference. It always uses the default Calibri font.

Also, the sz attribute causes the size of the font to change but at half of the value I put in. In the example I gave above the font ends up being Calibri at a size of 24. While this difference seems to be consistent and I could work with it, I'd like to know the reason this is happening.



Posted by admin  · 03-06-2016 - 08:54


To be able to show fonts they need to be installed in your OS. For example if you're using LibreOffice in a Linux server and you set Arial as font-family, you need to install this font.

About the sz values, Word uses halfpoints to set text sizes. You need to put the corresponding value, this is size/2.


Posted by AndrewCooper  · 03-06-2016 - 09:08

Okay.  I get the size thing then.  

Wait... I need to install the font on the web server or on the client machine?  I have all the fonts I've tried on the client machine.  When I open the created document in Word, I can click on the dropdown box for font and find the font I want. 


Posted by AndrewCooper  · 03-06-2016 - 09:34

I found the issue.  After making the code change, if I don't do a Hard Reload, it uses the same values as before.  It was a caching thing.  Thanks, admin.  It seems to be working as expected now.