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Merge docs from variables so you can test for optional merge documents
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Posted by cem  · 08-06-2016 - 16:13


We have the Enterprise version 5.1.  I'm wondering if you can have variables for the documents so that you either pull them in or don't if they don't exist?   If I have a possible maximum of 3 documents, but I can have anywhere between only 1 of those to all 3, is there some special conditional logic we can use?  I can test for which are not empty, but does that mean multiple options for every possible scenario or can it just skip any file it doesn't find?   I have the following rough example.  Thank you.

//doc #1 (optional)

        if (!empty($doc_one)) {

            $docx = new CreateDocxFromTemplate($doc_path.$doc1.'.docx');


                $variables = array(~~~~~);

            $doconefilename = 'doc1-'.time();


            $docx->createDocx($temp_path.$doconefilename); // create file


// doc #2 required

        // main template

        $docx = new CreateDocxFromTemplate($path.'doc2.docx');


                                $variables = array(~~~~~);

        $templatefilename = 'doc2-'.time();

        $options = array('parseLineBreaks' => true);

        $docx->replaceVariableByText($variables, $options);

        $docx->createDocx($temp_path.$templatefilename);     // create file


        // merge if multiple

        if (!empty($doc_one)) {

            $merge = new MultiMerge();

  $merge->mergeDocx($temp_path.$affidavitfilename.'.docx', array($temp_path.$templatefilename.'.docx'), $final_path.$final_file.'.docx', array());

Posted by admin  · 09-06-2016 - 07:10


There's no option to do exactly what you need; we'll consider adding it in a next release. Meanwhile, we recommend you to extent the MultiMerge class and add a new method to do it.