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Replacevariablebytext in table
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Posted by integralmicro  · 10-06-2016 - 15:55


I use phpdocx v4.0 and I have a table with some variable to be replaced by a text (not duplicate line). This table contains 2 columns with :

  • in left column a title
  • in right column the variable to be replaced

I have changed the symbol for # and sometime I have the title and the variable with the same name like :

  • HT | #totalHT#
  • TVA | #TVA#
  • TTC | #totalTTC#

When phpdocx replace #TVA#, the row TVA merge with the row HT like for example:

  • HT | 50€TVA10€
  • TTC | 60€

I have already thousand files with this table and I can't change the name variable in all of them.

Can you help me to prevent the merge for this situation.



Posted by admin  · 10-06-2016 - 16:35


Please send to contact[at] the most simple script that illustrates the issue and the template you're using and we'll check it. As we need to run it please don't do external connections such as databases or web services in the script.