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Undefined method repairpdf::repairpdfconversion()
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Posted by elyazalee  · 14-06-2016 - 09:02


I have this error when i want make a Docx... 

 Call to undefined method RepairPDF::repairPDFConversion() in [.....]classes\ on line 3350

Can you help me ?

Posted by admin  · 14-06-2016 - 09:13

In the file these are the lines you refer:
if (file_exists(dirname(__FILE__) . '/')) {
    if ($this->_compatibilityMode) {
        $contentRepair = RepairPDF::repairPDFConversion($contentRepair, '', array());


As you can see it only run the repairPDFConversion method if the file exists. This file doesn't exist in phpdocx 6 PRO, maybe you have created it empty or you have copied the new version overwritting an old version of phpdocx?
Please remove any file in the classes to remove the error.
We also recommend you to check the quick guide available on:
to upgrade from phpdocx 3 to the latest version of phpdocx.