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[fixed] using marginfooter with modifypagelayout old bug
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Posted by kobbe  · 23-06-2016 - 08:18

Hey this bug exist in older versions but also in the new 6.0! Must be fixed!!!! line 4666


if (isset($layout[$paperType]['marginFooter'])) {
    $sectionNode->getElementsByTagName('pgMar')->item(0)->setAttribute('w:footer', $layout['marginFooter']);



if (isset($layout['marginFooter'])) {
    $sectionNode->getElementsByTagName('pgMar')->item(0)->setAttribute('w:footer', $layout['marginFooter']);

Posted by admin  · 23-06-2016 - 08:25


Thank you for the info. It only affect the library when setting a marginFooter with modifyPageLayout method.

This is patch to solve it if using the classic package:

diff --git a/classes/ b/classes/
index 52651e2..171433d 100755
--- a/classes/
+++ b/classes/
@@ -4663,7 +4663,7 @@ class CreateDocx extends CreateDocument
             if (isset($layout['marginHeader'])) {
                 $sectionNode->getElementsByTagName('pgMar')->item(0)->setAttribute('w:header', $layout['marginHeader']);
-            if (isset($layout[$paperType]['marginFooter'])) {
+            if (isset($layout['marginFooter'])) {
                 $sectionNode->getElementsByTagName('pgMar')->item(0)->setAttribute('w:footer', $layout['marginFooter']);
             if (isset($layout['gutter'])) {

We have fixed it in the current stable branch.