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Transform unable to rename file, - wrong extension?
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Posted by Movian  · 08-07-2016 - 18:31

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Posted by mcgreeb  · 08-07-2016 - 22:49

HI I am Movians colleague


Have tried everthing on that list. generation on command line works fine but no under webserver on windows. 


section 4 talks about needing write permission to the home folder. what folder whould that apply two when apache is running as a service on windows?


Posted by admin  · 09-07-2016 - 07:07


You need to set rw access to the .config folder of the home folder of the user that is running the web server. This path is set in your server config; the most common in Windows using apache is httpdocs.

We also recommend you to try setting the method option as script and enable the debug mode to get more info in the logs of Apache:

What version of LibreOffice are you using?



Posted by mcgreeb  · 11-07-2016 - 14:37

Apache running as a service is running under the SYSTEM user, i have checked and SYSTEM has full read write over all file within the Laravel Project, including the TestFiles folder we are creating the the doc in and the public folder that is the root of the webserver.

SYSTEM also has full read write access over the full Apache directory. Checking the apache error logs gives not clues as these are empty accept for a few entrys related to the starting and stoping of the server.

We are suing the latest LibraOffice downloaded from there site withing the last week. Version:

The LibraOffice setup works fine on our debain server. Its just under windows we are having an issue.

Posted by admin  · 11-07-2016 - 17:22


Did you try using the script method and enabling the debug mode? Enabling debug mode should always return at least a log line.


Posted by mcgreeb  · 11-07-2016 - 17:50

Could you elaborate abit more on that?

What is script method?

And how do we enable debug mode in phpdocx?

Posted by admin  · 11-07-2016 - 18:54


Both parameters were referenced on our previous update:

We also recommend you to try setting the method option as script and enable the debug mode to get more info in the logs of Apache:

Please check this docpage and this one (Available Options):

For further support please write to contact[at] . The dev team can check it directly on your server; you need to send access to your server, the path were phpdocx is installed and an URL to test it using a web browser.