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Tabulation in word
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Posted by rusoleg  · 28-07-2016 - 13:43

How add to documunt tabulation? 

I want to use tabulation in table. I can do this by Office Word. Look like this:

Posted by admin  · 29-07-2016 - 06:41


You can add tabs using the addText method (standalone or in WordFragments to be added in tables, lists..). These are the related options:

'tab' (boolean) inserts a tab. Default value is false
* 'tabPositions' (array) each entry is an associative array with the following keys and values
     *      'type' (string) can be clear, left (default), center, right, decimal, bar and num
     *      'leader' (string) can be none (default), dot, hyphen, underscore, heavy and middleDot
     *      'position' (int) given in twentieths of a point