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Tweaking column graph with : reference lines, specific color per bar
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Posted by athierry  · 08-08-2016 - 08:33

Hi phpdocx

i'm thinking to use your lib for what is has been done (crazy ! :) ) : generating word files

in these files i have to include graphs

these graph (in fact the specific ones) are column graph with

- 2 colored reference value lines

- specifically colored column (depending of their value vs the reference values)

is there any way to fit my need with your library ? (i did not read something about my needs in the documentation)




Posted by athierry  · 08-08-2016 - 10:32

Ok thanks for the answer

and for the reference values lines ?

Posted by athierry  · 08-08-2016 - 11:08

one more question

if i use the corporate version of phpdocx can i do some xml to tweak the colors of my bars ? (regarding i know how to do this) ?


thanks for answer



Posted by admin  · 08-08-2016 - 14:06


Sorry, but the only option available to set colors in charts is the one explained in our previous reply, this is 'color', that uses color schemes. This option is included in all packages, and the Corporate license doesn't include any additional option to customize chart colors, so you'd need to do it changing each XML using a custom PHP code.


Posted by athierry  · 09-08-2016 - 02:14

ok for different bar colors, let's do some XML


for the reference lines, here is an example

again, is it only available with XML tweaks ?

exemple :

Posted by admin  · 09-08-2016 - 07:02


phpdocx 9.5 Premium licenses include options to customize series and values colors using addChart.

Unfortunately, reference lines are also not supported. We have added both features (custom color and reference lines) to the todo list and they'll be available in a next release of phpdocx.


Posted by athierry  · 10-08-2016 - 07:21

ok thanks for precise answer :)


have you got an idea of the release date of the next version ?

Posted by admin  · 10-08-2016 - 07:33


Both features will be available in a future release, but not in the next release :). There's no release date for the next version of phpdocx.