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Extra padding at the "block" data using replacevariablebyhtml
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Posted by uqitss  · 09-08-2016 - 04:04

Hi, text using replaceVariablebyHTML "block" option will have extra padding at the top and bottom but not with the "inline" option. I have a table which has combination of "inline" and "block" texts. Is there any way to make the texts in the same alignment wihtout the extra padding?


Posted by admin  · 09-08-2016 - 07:40


When you use the 'block' option, phpdocx removes the container paragraph and creates a new paragraph. This paragraph uses default Word styles, so it has top and bottom paddings.

We recommend you to set the needed margins and paddings in the HTML or use the option wordStyles to associate a word style to the paragraph (again with the correct margins and paddings).