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Addshape adds extra row after
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Posted by kobbe  · 18-08-2016 - 08:22

$options = [
        'from' => '0,0',
        'to' => '640,0',
        'strokecolor' => '#000000',
        'strokeweight' => '1',
        'position' => 'relative',
$docx->addShape('line', $options);
$docx->addText('test test test');

When I use this the result becomes:



test test test



Is there a way to remove this extra row? I need text on the very next row without the space inbetween.


Also the from value... I do not undestand what convertion I need to use if i want the line to stop at 190mm (20 mm from right side on A4 paper).




(Using 6.0 Corporate)

Posted by admin  · 18-08-2016 - 13:54


All shapes are wrapped by a paragraph tag that adds default Word spacing (you can set a custom spacing using a template). We recommend you to check the sample available on:

That adds a shape with its position changed using the option marginTop. You can use this option to accomplish what you need.

About from option, it sets the x and y coordinates. You can also use the width option to set the size of the shape.


Posted by kobbe  · 18-08-2016 - 14:38

Thanks for answer.

In documentation on that page it say margin-top, but in example marginTop is used. What is the correct way?


You missunderstood my question about "from" x/y cords. I wonder what unit it is.... px? pt? twip? mm?


Thanks :)