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Bullet point lists becomes numbered lists after merging
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Posted by Ventto  · 09-10-2016 - 01:21

I've got the same issue:

First of all, I would like to know whether it was fixed.


I am currently using Phpdocx for merging documents.

Now, I am trying to merge a title page (one page document) with a document B containing toc, sections, lists and tables.

The second one was generated with Pandoc.

The title page document has the same style than the other one. If I generate the document B using Pandoc with the title page as template, the document B has the same content than before. "Before" means I am using another smaller .docx as template.

For merging, I use the recommended method mergeDocx from MultiMerge class.


After merging, the bullet point lists become numbered lists.

There is something disturbing. The first bullet point list is intact but not the rest.


If I merge the document B first with the title page, all bullet point lists are intact.

Posted by admin  · 09-10-2016 - 07:59


Please send to contact[at] the documents and we'll check them.

As your username doesn't have a license, please send the username or email of the user that purchased the license.


Posted by Ventto  · 09-10-2016 - 18:11


I thought the forum was free.

I am using the 5.0 from a classmate who purchased the licence for his old job.

Currently I am proceeding an intership and I would like to test if the solution is functional to merge Word document for my laboratory. If it's all right, they will purchase a licence but not before.

Is there any way to know if it's functional ? Or at least if the older issue was closed because fixed ?

Posted by admin  · 10-10-2016 - 07:26


The forum is free, but licenses are not transferable.

About your issue, we recommend you to purchase the latest version of phpdocx to be able to use the option forceLatestStyles. We can guarantee that it will work perfectly.

Of course, if you have any issue after purchasing a license we'll help you solving it.