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Pdf conversion testing?
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Posted by nawlbergs  · 21-11-2016 - 22:01

I've had a phpdocx account for sevarl years..  your HTML support was low back then...

However... the main reason we have not purchaed yet is because the main document we need to generate is PDF... yet... your demo code to "try" the software excludes it.

Is there anyway to test your PDF creation without purchasing?  We currently roll with TcPDF and a horrid RTF tool and am looking for a solution that just does both well.

Posted by admin  · 22-11-2016 - 07:34


The support to transform HTML to DOCX is really good, and almost all tags and styles that have equivalence in Word are supported; of course you need to follow some good practices to get the best output.

We recommend you to read the documentation available on:

to understand how to import HTML and get the best output.

About conversion plugin, there's no trial of Advanced or Premium packages, only the Basic license has a trial.
If you send to contact[at] two or three DOCX samples we'll send them back transformed to PDF and RTF using the conversion so you can check the output quality.