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Several tables in template
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Posted by inca.sistemas  · 04-04-2011 - 14:14


I have a template docx with several TABLES. One of these tables are for layout document, but others must have data inside.

I get this error messages:

Warning: strstr() [function.strstr]: Empty delimiter. in MYPATH...\phpdocx_pro\classes\ on line 501

And memory alloc errors sometimes...

Is there any example where the template populate 2 different tables??

Thanks for all your work!

Posted by inca.sistemas  · 11-04-2013 - 12:12

The PHPDOCX are the best.

The error came from the way i wrote the "variables". Word 2007 write several tags that you can not see... and the phpdocx library can confuse with them.

The solution is write the "variable" (in the template docx) in "one step" including $ symbols... without erase.. or copy... or replace any....."all in one step".

Remember, be careful writing your variables in the docx template....

THANKS TO PHPDOCX TECH. A great job and great people too.

Posted by clombard  · 11-04-2013 - 12:12


I would like to create tables dynamically if data is set to show it.
Each tables contents and titles are differents and i don't want show table without datas.
All in the same template.

Then how can i do this ?


Posted by admin  · 11-04-2013 - 12:12


You can use HTML and embed it on your docx. Only available for phpdocx.