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License issue in our local development system
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Posted by Andreas Weber  · 20-01-2017 - 16:20


we are using a licensed Pro version of PHPDocx on our publicly accessible server (domain: Our development envioment is on a local system (offline, localhost). Our license doesn't work in the development system (license error). 
Is there any solution availible for local development?
I have no problem with watermarked trial license document output but don't want to make any changes to our productiv installation of PHPDocx.  Can you provide some guidance on how to best proceed?

Best regards,
Stefan Drews


Posted by admin  · 20-01-2017 - 16:59


Your user has a Corporate 6 license tied.

A Corporate license (now it's called Advanced) allows to use the library on the purchased domain and its subdomains (*, localhost and private networks (classes A, B and C). So it must run fine on your local server.

Please send to contact[at] the IP of the server that returns the license error, its URL (e.g.: and the output of check.php (this script is included in all packages). After checking this information we'll send you a file to solve the issue.


Posted by Andreas Weber  · 23-01-2017 - 09:04


This topic can be closed! A faulty configuration of the web server (no IP address assigned) caused the license error.
Thanks for pointing the IP address.

Best Regards,
Stefan Drews