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How to add datalabels to a bar chart?
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Posted by dev@ram  · 15-03-2017 - 18:17


I see we can change legends and axis labels and stuff like that. But how do I show the data labels on the bar chart?

Posted by admin  · 15-03-2017 - 18:29


Which license and version of phpdocx are you using?


Posted by dev@ram  · 16-03-2017 - 13:17

We are using the current version in the website. Currently we are evaluating to see if it fits our needs. So I guess the one is Trial version. Is this feature actually available in any version?

Posted by admin  · 16-03-2017 - 13:28

Updated: solved using the showValue option.

Posted by dev@ram  · 17-03-2017 - 18:35

Ok...we purchased basic but got it working with 'showValue'' => 1 inside addChart() options array.
But Thank you for your help and time

Posted by admin  · 17-03-2017 - 19:26


It seems we didn't understand which exact labels you wanted to add, and we mistook it so we recommended to purchase the Advanced license to be able to use DOCXPath and all its useful functionality. Anyway, we're glad you have been able to add the needed labels.


Posted by dev@ram  · 04-04-2017 - 10:21

I'm really impressed by the quick response of your support.Thank you its the best I've seen for any product. I have one question regarding data labels(the one that appears on showValue =>1) and axis labels in a colChart graph. How do I change the font size of these? 

Posted by admin  · 04-04-2017 - 11:51


Thanks for your comments, we always try to have the best support.

About your question, sorry but the current version of phpdocx doesn't allow to customize font sizes of text charts. They use the default values of the DOCX.

We send your request to the dev team to add this feature in a future version of phpdocx.