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Dynamic table
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Posted by Tiago Scalco de Mello  · 28-03-2017 - 00:05

How do I put data from a database directly into a table for docx?


 In html use foreach to traverse all cando and create table

 <?php foreach($consulta1 as $linha): ?>
               <td><?php echo $linha["name"]; ?></td>
           <?php endforeach; ?>

But I do not want to use html


Posted by Tiago Scalco de Mello  · 28-03-2017 - 16:57

Need to add breaks between names , how to use 'parseLineBreaks'

$arr = array('john', 'Cyrax', 'john', 'Sonia', 'Sector'); //DATABASE

 $var = array('campus' => $arr);
$option = array('parseLineBreaks => true');

Posted by admin  · 28-03-2017 - 18:30


You need to use a string separated by '\n'. For example:

$multiline = 'This is the first line.\nThis is the second line of text.';
$variables = array('MULTILINETEXT' => $multiline);
$options = array('parseLineBreaks' =>true);
$docx->replaceVariableByText($variables, $options);

If you have an array with data, you can join it with '\n' :

$string_data = implode('\n', $array);
$variable = array('VAR_DATA' => $multiline););
$docx->replaceVariableByText($variable, array('parseLineBreaks' =>true));


Posted by Tiago Scalco de Mello  · 02-04-2017 - 20:26

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