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Html i tag integration
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Posted by magira  · 28-03-2017 - 07:06


I would like to insert some icon in table cell from HTML to generate an PDF document.

As example : 

<LINK href="./themes/clof/styles/document/doc_style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
        <i class="icon-oh-right-open-big " title=">"></i>
        <table id="diary_id" width="1010px" class="formHolder ">

                        <tr style="page_break_inside: avoid;">
                                <td><i class='icon-oh-right-open-big' title='>'></i>D</td>

I test my integration and the <i> balise is not load with the DOM tree.

Display icon is very important for me, more than image...

My version is PHPdocX 5.5 Corporate.

Thanks for answer.

Posted by admin  · 28-03-2017 - 07:37


We send your request to the dev team to be considered adding support for a future version of phpdocx.

Meanwhile we recommend using img tags.