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Replacing a variable by wordfragment (pagenumber)
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Posted by k.barendrecht  · 13-06-2017 - 12:14

I'm trying to replace a template variable with a pagenumber, but I'm getting a strange error (not what I would expect).


From the docs:

// create a Word fragment to insert in the default header
$numbering = new WordFragment($docx, 'defaultHeader');
// set some formatting options
$options = array('textAlign' => 'right',
'bold' => true,
'sz' => 14,
'color' => 'B70000',
$numbering->addPageNumber('numerical', $options);
$docx->addHeader(array('default' => $numbering));

My implementation: (where $this is an instance of CreateDocxFromTemplate)

  function addPageNumberingToDocument()
        // create a Word fragment
        $numbering = new WordFragment($this);
        $options = [
            'textAlign' => 'right',
            'bold' => false,
            'sz' => 14,
            'color' => '000000'
        $numbering->addPageNumber('numerical', $options);

        // Replace variables(pagenumber) in header and footer
        $this->replaceVariableByWordFragment(['pagenumber' => $numbering], ['target' => 'header']);
        $this->replaceVariableByWordFragment(['pagenumber' => $numbering], ['target' => 'footer']);


How should I go about replacing a variable with a pagenumber?

Posted by admin  · 13-06-2017 - 14:15


Sorry but we're unable to replicate the issue.

Please run this code standalone (using the classes from phpdocx without doing changes):


require_once 'classes/';

$docx = new CreateDocxFromTemplate('TemplateWordFragmentsTarget.docx');

$numbering = new WordFragment($docx);
$options = [
    'textAlign' => 'right',
    'bold' => false,
    'sz' => 14,
    'color' => '000000'
$numbering->addPageNumber('numerical', $options);

$docx->replaceVariableByWordFragment(['VAR_HEADER_3' => $numbering], ['target' => 'header']);
$docx->replaceVariableByWordFragment(['VAR_FOOTER_2' => $numbering], ['target' => 'footer']);


You may find the TemplateWordFragmentsTarget.docx in the examples/files folder. Do you get the same error?


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Posted by k.barendrecht  · 11-07-2017 - 13:21

Not sure what went wrong. After changing the structure the error didnt occur anymore. I'm now calling the method from another class instead of my CreateDocx-wrapper and it works as intended.