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How do i scale an image to a given height?
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Posted by Vlad123  · 07-08-2017 - 15:04

Is there a way to scale images to a given height value without breaking the aspect ratio while adding them with addImage() or otherwise? Something like saying

    'src' => 'path/to/image.png',
    'height' => 500,
    'width' => 'auto'

So that all the different images i'm adding would have same height and different width in correspondace with the aspect ratio.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Posted by admin  · 07-08-2017 - 15:58


If you set a height value but not a width value (or vice versa), phpdocx calculates the width from the aspect ratio using the PHP getimagesize function.


Posted by Vlad123  · 08-08-2017 - 11:15


thank you for your answer. Somehow it is not happening in my project, the images remain stretched or squeezed.

Posted by admin  · 08-08-2017 - 11:44


Which license and version of phpdocx are using?