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How to check in code if a style (name or id) exists or not
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Posted by jari.heinonen  · 08-09-2017 - 05:23


We're using Phpdocx 7.0 advanced. A great product by the way, thank you.

We have a little problem because we need to use multiple of documents for styling the output. As fas as I understand the parseStyles method creates a separate document from where you can check the available styles manually.

But how to check in the code if the style (by name) is available or not e.g. after a call to importStyles method?

Any quick advice is appreciated, thanks



Posted by admin  · 08-09-2017 - 06:46


UPDATE: Indexer class returns information from a DOCX document, including styles.

There's no method in the current version to query if a style ID exists or not. We move the request to the dev team to add a new method.

Using the current version you could change the file and add a new method that returns the _wordStylesT variable:

 * Returns the wordStyles content.
 * @return DOMDocument
public function getWordStylesT()
  return $this->_wordStylesT;

It returns a DOMDocument that can be queried using DOM methods such as DOMXPath. If you save the return of the method in the $stylesDOCX var, you can query a styleID using these lines:

$xpathStyles = new DOMXPath($stylesDOCX);
$xpathStyles->registerNamespace('w', '');
$stylesID = $xpathStyles->query('//w:style[@w:styleId="' . $styleId . '"]');

If the length of $stylesID if 0 then the style ID doesn't exist.