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Addproperties() - lastmodifiedby
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Posted by FGI  · 13-10-2017 - 08:56


When working with templates, it could be useful to change the "Last modified by" property (core.xml, dc:LastModifiedBy). This field contains the name of the "real" author in the company, which should be kept hidden for automatically generated documents spent all over the world.

I made a quick fix to implement this:

In creator:

  • append 'lastModifiedBy' in $generalProperties array
  • append 'lastModifiedBy'=>'dc' in $nameSpaces array
 public function CreateProperties()
        $generalProperties = array('lastModifiedBy','title', 'subject', 'creator', 'keywords', 'description', 'category', 'contentStatus', 'created', 'modified');
        $nameSpaces = array('lastModifiedBy'=>'dc','title' => 'dc', 'subject' => 'dc', 'creator' => 'dc', 'keywords' => 'cp', 'description' => 'dc', 'category' => 'cp', 'contentStatus' => 'cp', 'created' => 'dcterms', 'modified' => 'dcterms');


In, function addProperties(), also add the lastModifiedBy field in self::$propsCore:

if (!empty($values['lastModifiedBy']) || !empty($values['title']) || !empty($values['subject']) || !empty($values['creator']) || !empty($values['keywords']) || !empty($values['description']) || !empty($values['category']) || !empty($values['contentStatus']) || !empty($values['created']) || !empty($values['modified'])) {
    self::$propsCore = $prop->createProperties($values, self::$propsCore);


Best regards,

Posted by admin  · 13-10-2017 - 09:47


We move your approach to the dev team to be added to the next release of phpdocx.