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How to replace a placeholder image by another image and keep second image proportions
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Posted by Desoutter  · 30-10-2017 - 09:37


Is it possible to replace an placeholder image with a new image with this constraints :

- The placeholder image fix the max with and the max height

- The new image keep proportions and fit to max width (or max height or both if they both have the same proportions)

PS : The placeholder image can be a word box or whatelse who can constraint the new image.

Thank you.


Posted by admin  · 30-10-2017 - 10:39


Yes, you can use the sizes from the existing image or use the size from the new image.

This is the phpdoc of the size options of the method:

* 'width' (mixed): the value in cm (float) or 'auto' (use image size), 0 to not change the previous size
* 'height' (mixed): the value in cm (float) or 'auto' (use image size), 0 to not change the previous size
* 'dpi' (int): dots per inch. This parameter is only taken into account if width or height are set to auto.

You can set width and height values as 0 to keep the previous sizes or set new values (fixed or auto). Please note that if the images doesn't have the same dpi you may need to set a dpi.


Posted by Desoutter  · 30-10-2017 - 12:26

Thank you,

But,  I would like the new image (I don't know the width and the height) keep this width/height ratio and fit in the placeholderbox.

Example :

- The placeholder box size is 200x200px.

- The new image  original size is 400x200px

In the final document, the image size must be 200x100px.

You known where I want to go?

Thank you :-)




Posted by admin  · 30-10-2017 - 12:41


OK, we see. There's no option to get the size of a content that wraps other content. Using DOCXPath you could get some data, for example if you use a textbox, but it doesn't return other sizes such as table cells or paragraphs.


Posted by Desoutter  · 30-10-2017 - 12:50

Ok, that's what I thought

Thank you :-)