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Replacevariablebywordfragment on link
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Posted by sato2010  · 24-11-2017 - 11:59

Hi, i try replace variable in document, all right if plain text

If link variable no change.

Sample if open document, link inside no change and stay with variable

link - "Hello $INS$world  "

Another variable in text replaced right

Posted by admin  · 24-11-2017 - 12:08


What version and license of phpdocx are you using? placeholders are added as text strings (or alt text for images), but a link is not added as a text string but an internal XML content. You can add a text placeholder (not a link) and then replace it by a WordFragment link with all licenses; or use the rawSearchAndReplace method to replace internal placeholders, this method is available in Advanced and Premium licenses.

On the rawSearchAndReplace API page you can see an example about replacing a link with an internal placeholder.