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Upgrade to ubuntu 16.04 caused table formatting issues
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Ever since doing a release upgrade we have been having issues with tables and using embedHTML. The formatting  and style has been changed. The borders for all the cells turned white (invisible on page) and became thicker.

I have installed the php module tidy and it has been loaded. Currently we are using phpdocx 6.5, as upgrading to 7.5 caused further problems. (base64 images no longer show up in document)

Would you have any solutions on how to fix this? Or know how a release upgrade would effect phpdocx like this?

Posted by admin  · 28-11-2017 - 08:18


phpdocx is fully tested with PHP 5.2 to PHP 7.1 (and beta PHP 7.2) on Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS and other distros), Windows and macOS. There's no know problem when adding tables using the embedHTML method. Please post the most simple HTML that illustrates your issue and the version of PHP you are using and we'll check it.

About phpdocx 7.5, the changes from phpdocx 6.5 about importing HTML are improvements when using colspans and rowspans, but images didn't include any change. We have tested it with phpdocx 6.5 and phpdocx 7.5 and the same code works perfectly; when adding images we recommend setting the downloadImages as true to insert them in the DOCX, maybe you are not using that option?


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Thanks for responding.

I fixed the issue by adding css like <style type="text/css">{css file contents}</style>  instead of  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{css file location}" > in the html arguement of embedHTML, But I do not know why this would make a difference. 

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If Tidy for PHP is not installed and enabled, style tags aren't read correctly. Although you have solved it, we move the question to the dev team so they can do more tests.