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Woking from template
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Posted by Simco uwkm  · 19-12-2017 - 10:50

We have template file with coverpage for our document. 
on cover page i have placeholder which is getting replaced 

$docx = new \Phpdocx\Create\CreateDocxFromTemplate(__DIR__ . '/../../Resources/Public/Templates/Quotation_front_'.$short.'.docx');
/* some code with defining header variable */

$docx->replaceVariableByHTML('HEADING', 'block', $header, array('isFile' => false, 'parseDivsAsPs' => true));

then we need to have be on next page since we are done with the coverpage 


/* creating html on-fly and embedding that into doc */
$productElement = new \Phpdocx\Elements\WordFragment($docx, 'products');

but when i insert my content it places it in cover page.
so the question is how i can move to the next page


Posted by Simco uwkm  · 19-12-2017 - 12:46

well have solved my problem by adding sections instead of pagebreaks

$options = array('marginRight'=> 850, 'marginLeft'=>850);
$docx->addSection('nextPage', 'A4', $options);


Posted by Simco uwkm  · 19-12-2017 - 14:25

Ok thx, from other manuals it was mentioned as string..