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Need to convert my html having ordered list with styling of upper-roman unable to convered the roma
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Posted by dbissa94  · 18-01-2018 - 20:18

Attaching my  content.xml please provide inputs if something is missing 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<pdx:document xmlns:pdx="asd" >
            <pdx:data pdx:dataId="" pdx:type="HTML" pdx:customListStyles="true">
                ul {color: blue; font-size: 14pt; font-family: Cambria}
                td {font-family: Arial}
                ol {list-style-type:upper-roman}
                #redBG {background-color: red; color: #f0f0f0}
                table {border-collapse: collapse}
                <h1>The title of the HTML page</h1>
                <p>A normal paragraph.</p>
                <p class="heading2">This is a simple paragraph with <strong>text in bold</strong>.</p>
                <p>Now we include a list:</p>
                    <li>First item.</li>
                    <li>Second item with subitems:
                            <li style="color: red">First subitem.</li>
                            <li>Second subitem.</li>
                    <li id="redBG">Third subitem.</li>
                <p>And now a table:</p>
                        <td>Cell 1 1</td>
                        <td>Cell 1 2</td>
                        <td>Cell 1 3</td>
                        <td>Cell 2 1</td>
                        <td>Cell 2 2</td>
                        <td>Cell 2 3</td>
            <pdx:wordStyles pdx:strict="false">
                <pdx:wordStyle pdx:styleType="tag" pdx:name="LightListAccent3PHPDOCX"><![CDATA[<table>]]></pdx:wordStyle>
                <pdx:wordStyle pdx:styleType="tag" pdx:name="upperRoman"><![CDATA[<ol>]]></pdx:wordStyle>
                <pdx:wordStyle pdx:styleType="class" pdx:name="Heading2PHPDOCX">heading2</pdx:wordStyle>


Here is setting.xml  Using xmldocx to convert

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<pdx:document  xmlns:pdx="">