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Phpdocx and codeigniter
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Posted by Allergoline  · 31-01-2018 - 17:41

We're starting development of a new project, maybe using codeigniter as a base framework.

Before start working on it, there are hints or known problems about installing / using phpdocx with CI?
We own a premium license.

Thank you.

Posted by admin  · 31-01-2018 - 18:46


As CodeIgniter 3 doesn't use PHP namespaces, we recommend you to use the classic package (although the namespaces package could be use as well, and it's the recommended package using CodeIgniter 4) and add phpdocx as any other external library:

The main class loads the internal autoloader to use the library. You shouldn't find any issue to use phpdocx with CodeIgniter (or any other framework, CMS or custom project).

On you can read the documentation about using phpdocx with CodeIgniter.


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