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Each file has a larger size than the previous one
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Posted by klasus  · 04-02-2018 - 12:11


I am creating several docx files:

for ($i = 0; $i < $numClients; $i++){

        $docx = new CreateDocx();




Each docx file has the same information, but the size of each file is increasing. Example:

  • First docx generated --> 12 Kb
  • Second docx generated --> 14 Kb
  • Third docx generated --> 17 Kb
  • Fourth docx generated --> 20 Kb
  • ...

Which is the reason why each file has a larger size than the previous one?.


Posted by admin  · 04-02-2018 - 13:18


If you are using the trial package it's normal; otherwise, it may vary based on the content, timestamp and others (the size of documents with the same content may vary, but only a few KB).

Which version and package are you using?


Posted by klasus  · 05-02-2018 - 21:22


I am using PHPdocX 2.4 (trial version). Also I am observing the process of generation of docx lasts several minutes, is this also due to trial version?. In which package can I avoid these limitations?.


Posted by admin  · 06-02-2018 - 07:09


phpdocx 2.4 was released years ago. We recommend you to download the latest trial available (phpdocx 7.5), to avoid the trial limitations please purchase a license (