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Replacevariablebytext generates fatal php error on one specific file
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Posted by rstoeber  · 06-03-2018 - 01:38

We have been using phpdox successfully for about a year now with no problem. Our application allows users to upload .docx files containing variables/tags that get replaced with actual data from a database. Our users and testers have created the original .docx files using Google Docs, LibreOfiice, and various versions of Microsoft Word. Nobody ever had a problem until now.

Today we got a .docx file that will generate the error shown below. I personally use LibreOffice so I immediately opened the file using LibreOffice on my MacBook and started looking for typos or any strange formatting. I didn't see anything odd so I simply saved the file without making any changes. The new file worked perfectly.

I tested this three times now with the same result. The original file generates the error below. Opening the file in LibreOffice and not touching anything before saving it makes a file that works properly.

The phpdocx code isn't very complicated. All we do is this:





Can anyone tell us what the error message below really means? Any idea what could be wrong with the original file? We hope to find a way to identify the "bad" file and give the user a graceful error message.


[Mon Mar 05 16:59:20.740583 2018] [:error] [pid 15847] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getElementsByTagName() on boolean in /var/www/wgaccounts/phpdocx/classes/ : eval()'d code:91\nStack trace:\n#0 /var/www/wgaccounts/phpdocx/classes/ CreateProperties->CreateProperties(Array, false)\n#1 /var/www/wgaccounts/phpdocx/classes/ : eval()'d code(64): CreateDocx->addProperties(Array)\n#2 /var/www/wgaccounts/phpdocx/classes/ eval()\n#3 /var/www/wgaccounts/generate-estimate-doc.html(370): CreateDocx->createDocx('/mnt/WGstorage1...')\n#4 {main}\n  thrown in /var/www/wgaccounts/phpdocx/classes/ : eval()'d code on line 91,




Posted by admin  · 06-03-2018 - 07:13


What license and version of phpdocx are using? The trial package can't be used for production purposes, only for test purposes.

If you are using a purchase package, please send to contact[at] the username or e-mail of the user that has purchased the license.