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Some issues on conversion with certain objects...
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Posted by hyemark  · 26-03-2018 - 17:10

when i do a conversion from word to pdf with phpdocx, things mostly work but where there is text or a title in a box (commonly used in word), it renders it wrong.  As a test i did the same conversion on my PC and it rendered correctly to PDF but not when run through PHPDOCx. any ideas?  i dont see a way to attach a sample here.  thoughts?

Posted by admin  · 27-03-2018 - 08:04


Although we have replied your email about this same question, we copy the answer for general information:

Please send to this email  ( one of the DOCX and the PDF output you get and we'll check it, also send the version of LibreOffice you are using in your server (we always recommend using the latest version of LibreOffice []).