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How can i add a table of contents to a specific point in a docx created by a template?
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Posted by afantini  · 26-04-2018 - 08:38

The document is generated by a template.The PHP script basically replaces a large number of variables - either using the replaceVariableByText () function or the replaceVariableByExternalFile () function - and eventually deletes some blocks.
I would like to avoid having to put the table of contents at the bottom of the document, as I currently did:

$ docx-> addTableContents (array ('autoUpdate' => true), $ legend);
$ Docx-> clearBlocks ();
$ docx-> createDocx ('./ test / offer'. $ variables ['VAR_OFFER_NUMBER']);

For me it would be ideal to insert the table of contents on the second page, but taking the first from the template.I hope I was able to explain: I would not, if possible, have to do the first page "line by line" from PHP.

Posted by admin  · 26-04-2018 - 08:53


Since phpdocx 8, addTableContents can be used as WordFragments.

To accomplish what you need, we recommend you using phpdocx 8 and DOCXPath. DOCXPath is available in Advanced and Premium licenses.

What license and version of phpdocx are you using?.


Posted by afantini  · 26-04-2018 - 09:23


I have been commissioned by my company to test phpdocx to see if it fits our needs and determine which version to buy: I am currently using the trial.

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