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Handling exception.
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Posted by ajstern  · 09-05-2018 - 05:54


While adding watermark to the documents am getting TCPDF_PARSER ERROR: decodeFilterFlateDecode: invalid code error. because the document is password protected hence getting such errors.

So, in this case, I want to download document without having a watermark but am unable to catch/handle this error so please help me to avoid this error.  




Posted by admin  · 09-05-2018 - 06:28


Please read the information available on:

You need to use not protected documents or unprotect them.

If you need to handle the Exception, you just need to catch it:

try {
  $merge->mergePdf(array('document1.pdf', 'document2.pdf'), 'output.pdf');
} catch (Exception $e) {
  // handle the exception