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Embedhtml - space in beginning and end
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Posted by Brck  · 22-05-2018 - 13:11


In certain situations, I have text or html which begins and/or ends with a space. For instance:

$text = " and a previous sentence continues ";

$html " and a <i>previous</i> sentence continues ";

In using $docx->addText($text) the resulting docx include all spaces in the $text variable. Excellent.

In using $docx->embedHTML($html) then the first and last spaces (i.e. the " " before "and", the " " after "continues") are stripped. 

I have tried to replace any first or last space with &ensp; but that does not seem to correspond to ordinary spaces in the resulting docx. The &ensp; is larger than and ordinary space and does not show as a "dot" when i display formatting marks in Word/libreoffice.


Any idea?

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Posted by admin  · 23-05-2018 - 06:45


You can use pre tags to keep extra spaces, but please note that you may need to set new styles to avoid default ones:

$docx->embedHTML('<p style="font-size: 16px; font-family: Calibri;">Sentence begins</p>');
$docx->embedHTML('<pre style="font-size: 16px; font-family: Calibri;"> and a previous   sentence continues </pre>');

Other approach would be using a WordFragment and adding spaces with addText:

$html = new WordFragment($docx);
$html->embedHTML('<p>and a previous sentence continues</p>');

$text = array();
$text[] = array('text' => ' ');
$text[] = $html;
$text[] = array('text' => ' ');