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Align mathml that were created through replacevariablebywordfragment.
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Posted by droh10  · 14-06-2018 - 09:12

Hi All,

Anyone can help me with this alignment problem i have?

First of all, i have this document content that has a mathml, tables, svg images and other html tags. I parse and replace all mathmls with a variable so that i can change it later though WordFragment, then i also parsed all svg images replace it again with a variable and convert the images to jpeg.

Once all the mathml and svg images are replaced with variables, i embedHTML the content and create the document. The created document is used as a template, then i created a WordFragment to add all the mathml and converted images to the template through replaceVariableByWordFragment and then create the new document with all the correct mathml and images inside.

But when i open the newly created document, the alignment of the mathml is "Justified" and appears in the middle of the document when the mathml is alone in a line or if it is inside a table cell. When i created the mathml it was aligned left (addMathEquation($value, 'mathml', array('align' => 'left'))) but inside the document it is aligned "Justified". I noticed that when it is inside a table cell, even if i aligned the cell to the left, the mathml is not following.

Is there a way that we dont have to manually align them? I hope someone can help me on this.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by admin  · 14-06-2018 - 14:09


Math equations have some limitations related to alignments. We recommend you to use DOCXCustomizer ( to change alignments on the fly if needed, maybe you need to set both w:p/w:tc and math alignments.

If you open a support ticket ( with your template and the smallest code inserting a math equation, the dev team will generate a custom script to illustrate how to accomplish it.