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Rename error but .config folder exists and is writeable
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Posted by dancecloud  · 28-08-2018 - 15:59

Hello folks,

I sometimes get the rename error with the conversion plugin as mentioned often in the forum. I checked the home directory of the apache user and the .config directory exists and is writeable.

I noticed, that the error only occurs (sometimes), if another user of the web application converts a docx at the same time (but not everytime). I use libreoffice with the direct method.

Any hints on that?

Posted by dancecloud  · 29-08-2018 - 07:38

Hey :) Thanks for the idea but that didn't solve the problem. As said, if I simultaneously start two conversions, only one finished successful, the other one exits with the rename error.

Do you have any ideas if there is a blocking mechanism or something with libreoffice?

Posted by dancecloud  · 29-08-2018 - 09:15

Allready tried that too. The error persists, wether i run it from cli or through apache. No errors show up in the log, soffice just quietly exits with no error.

What I found on the document foundation bugtracker was this:

Although it should be fixed in the current version, my problem disappears if I set a random home directory for soffice. With removing the directory afterwards, ther is only a small impact on runtime. Maybe this helps you in some way.



Posted by dancecloud  · 29-08-2018 - 09:30

That was my first thought too but we are using 6.0.3 on development and production servers