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Problem with licence keys when switching domain
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Posted by Simplexe  · 12-09-2018 - 09:26


I had a problem when changing domain on my project

for example, before changes, in phpdocx/config/phpdocxconfig.ini file, i had value=""

i change my project domain, and made changes phpdocx/config/phpdocxconfig.ini config file with value=""

i have licences for both domains, and i have projects that are ok on

It looks like there is some cache, and when i switch domain, phpdocxconfig file values are not available...

Posted by admin  · 12-09-2018 - 09:34


phpdocx doesn't cache the license checking, maybe some configuration in the server? Please note that each license has its own license key you can get on MY PHPDOCX page.

Anyway, please send to contact[] the whole URL (protocol + domain + URI) that returns the license error and if you are using the classic or namespaces package and we'll send you a solution.