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Phpdocx on server can create .docx but not .pdf
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I've running PHPDocx on a remote server.
Via SSH I run a small script to create a docx and transform it into pdf.
Creating .docx works oke.
Creating a PDF gives an error.

phpdocx-premium-8.2/classes/../lib/OdfConverter/64/OdfConverter: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
ERROR: connection failed. Please make sure is running and listening on port 8100.

does OpenOffice has to be installed on the remote server? And how to get it there without having a screen, only SSH


Posted by admin  · 27-09-2018 - 11:38


We recommend you to read the documentation available on:

about the conversion plugin. On these pages, you can find how to install and use the conversion plugin. As you can read on these pages, we recommend using the conversion plugin based on LibreOffice to get the best output. The conversion plugin works on Windows, Linux and macOS, and doesn't need X-windows.