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Change of host servers
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Posted by InnovativeP  · 23-10-2018 - 07:41

Will the premium version continue to work if I change Hosts / new IP address, but same domain?



Posted by admin  · 23-10-2018 - 08:07


Yes, you can move the library to other server as long as you use the same domain. In some particular cases you can get a license error, if you get this message just send us a message to contact[at] and we'll send a quick solution.


Posted by InnovativeP  · 23-10-2018 - 08:51

Thank you! :)


Posted by InnovativeP  · 27-10-2018 - 22:43

We have now moved servers.

The domain name has not changed. 

I have checked the pathing for the CreateDocx.php file etc in my config file.

Here is the sample code I am trying to run based on the samples on the website.

It just throws a 500 error. 

$this->docx = new CreateDocx();

$this->docx->addText('Hello world!');


Any idea?


Posted by admin  · 28-10-2018 - 09:19


An error 500 is a generic PHP error. If you get if running that simple script, it must be related to a problem loading the classes or missing read or write access when generating the DOCX.

We recommend you to check your server logs to find the source of the problem and try running the same sample using the PHP CLI mode. An error 500 is always added to the logs with the reason of the error. If the license is not correct, phpdocx throws an Exception.