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Posted by InnovativeP  · 03-11-2018 - 01:23

Hi and thanks for any tips in advance.


Depending on the selctions made by the User, a number of template docx are selected and then merged into a single document before being used in a createfromtemplate scenario.

I tried the sample code which works well with the docs to be merged hardcoded in.

However, given that the docs to be merged will vary in quantity I need a dynamic way to achieve this.

Attempted Solutions

I have tried creating an array of the template docx with the following code:

$this->merge->mergeDocx($path . 'tCoverPage.docx', $listComponets, $path .'template.docx', array('mergeType' => 0));

and also createing a string like this:

$a = implode($listComponents, '","');
$b = '"' . $a . '"';
$this->merge->mergeDocx($path . 'tCoverPage.docx', array($b), $path .'template.docx', array('mergeType' => 0));

and neither seem to work. I know its not a problem with PHPDOCX as the sample work.

Am I using the merge function incorrectly or is there another way to dynamically change which documents are merged.

Thanks in anticipation of any assistance.


Posted by admin  · 04-11-2018 - 10:15


We recommend you to check if the following code:

$a = implode($listComponents, '","');
$b = '"' . $a . '"';

is returning an array with multiple values or an array with a single string value. We also recommend you to follow the PHP documentation about arrays ( or use a function such as array_push (

Each value of the documentArray option ( must be an existing DOCX file (Advanced or Premium licenses) or a DOCXStructure object when working with in-memory DOCX document using a Premium license.