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Open generated docx in office 2003
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open generated docx in office 2003

Microsoft provides a converter to convert docx to earlier word versions.

Unfortunately the generated docx file leads to an error “Fehler beim Oeffnen der Datei” e.g. “There was an error opening the file” in Word 2003.

Opening the file which contains html in Office 2007 works.
If I save the file with Office 2007 I can open it in Office 2003.

as it seems, the html is not converted in a proper way, because also the example_html.docx is not working
if it is getting converted to office 2003.

I'm using ckeditor as wysiwyg editor.

and BTW, your forum has an error. It shows 1 replies even if there is no reply...

Posted by admin  · 11-04-2013 - 12:13


We're testing generated DOCX files within Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010 and it's working right. Please send us your DOCX to test it.


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Unfortunately we never got an answer until now what causes our generated .docx not to open in office 2003 with office compatibility pack.

Just a hint for a workaround. If I want to do everything by hand, I would not have needed a pro license of phpdocx.
Still waiting for a solution to render a simple word file which suits the office 2003 compatibility pack converter.

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We answered you by email; our apologizes if you didn't received it. As phpdocx uses altchunk to add HTML, it's not compatible with OpenOffice or MS Office Compatibility Pack; we're working in a new class to transform HTML to DOCX parsing WordML that will be available in a next version of phpdocx.