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The file is saved in the browser only
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Posted by JSC_ESC_Vostok  · 04-12-2018 - 15:04

Hi, i have a problem with phpdocx on Windows Server 2016

PHP  = 7.2

Laravel 5.7, Class install correctly.

License = Premium

When this script is executed,

        $docx = new \Phpdocx\Create\CreateDocx();
        $text = 'Lorem ipsum dolor ...';
        $docx->addText($text, $paramsText);
        $docx->transformDocument('example_text.docx', 'example_text.pdf');

file is rendered to browser (*.docx, not *.pdf).

When i using:

        $docx->transformDocument('D:\example_text.docx', 'D:\example_text.pdf');

I getting the same (render D_example_text.docx to browser).

ALWAYS render to browser.

How fix it?

I want open template, fill data and save file as PDF without saving *.docx in file system. It's possible?


Posted by admin  · 04-12-2018 - 16:14


The default behavior of phpdocx is saving the DOCX into the filesystem but not downloading it ( Using a Premium license you can enable the stream mode in the config/phpdocxconfig.ini file or through a static variable (CreateDocx::$streamMode) to return the DOCX as a stream an avoid creating the DOCX in the fs. On you can read about more information about the stream mode.

About the conversion to PDF, the DOCX must exist in the filesystem to be able to transform it into another document format.