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Get contents (with info of style)
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Posted by IHD  · 24-01-2019 - 13:49


Presume there is a document like: 


Intro body text.

1. Heading 1
1.1 Sub-heading
    This is body text.
1.2 Another sub-heading
    This is another body text, followed by:
    (A) an item
    (b) another item

I would like to get the content in way enabling me to determine if a certain text is a heading, sub-heading, body text, list-item etc. 

(Using the Indexer, I have only managed to get a long string of all text using $output['body']['text']...)


Posted by admin  · 24-01-2019 - 14:41


There's no way to accomplish that task using the current release of phpdocx. The next version will include new methods and options to get styles and query contents by styles; there's no release date yet for the next release.


Posted by IHD  · 24-01-2019 - 16:23


I think i might manage to implement a solution using transformDocAdvHTML and then try to figure out the content's style by the classname. 

On a separate but similar note: Is there any way to include an attribute for a peice of text (inserted with addText or embedHTML), which may later be "retrieved" by transformDocAdvHTML?

For example:

$text = '<customTag hiddenvalue="10">15</customTag>';
// and then 
// or

I was trying to follow the implementation of embedHTML to see if I could make a custom WordML such as <w:customTag hiddenvalue="10">... but I do not see the big picture in this fix.


Posted by admin  · 25-01-2019 - 08:28


Adding custom tags or attributes to a DOCX will return a corrupted DOCX. The best approach to accomplish that task is getting DOCX contents using getDocxPathQueryInfo and query the style file. A heading content has always a w:outlineLvl tag in the w:pPr tag in the document content or in the style file.

The next release of phpdocx will include a new method to query styles.