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How/where to configure phpdocx to handle large files conversion (up to 10mb) and increase memory?
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Posted by teacheradvisor  · 04-02-2019 - 13:36

We are doing html to docx conversion and get error when try to convert files that are bigger than 2MB. We get error like "Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted". Phpdocx checker list configuration parameters, how do I configure them (memory limit and max size)? Is there a documentation that explain each parameter? I do not see these parameters in phpdocx zip file.

max_execution_time    30    30

max_file_uploads    20    20

max_input_nesting_level    64    64

max_input_time    60    60

max_input_vars    1000    1000

memory_limit    128M    128M

output_buffering    4096    4096

post_max_size    8M    8M

upload_max_filesize    2M    2M