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Css cause error: the document may be corrupt or damaged
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Posted by teacheradvisor  · 13-02-2019 - 17:24


There are cases where HTML contains CSS to hide the last column of a table. Converting this HTML to Word result in a corrupt or damaged document.

div.wrapper table tr td:last-child { display: none; }

If I remove this CSS, the conversion works fine.


Please advise,


Posted by admin  · 13-02-2019 - 17:45


The OOXML standard (DOCX documents) requires that all cells must have at least one content (this can be a paragraph, other table, a blank space...), otherwise, MS Word shows a corrupted DOCX.

You can't hide/remove all cell contents. At least one content must be added to the cell. If you set display: none to all cell content when importing HTML then no content is added to the cell, and at least one content needs to be added.