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Posted by slavkovl  · 19-02-2019 - 11:01

Hello. How can I add a comment to the DOCX file? I saw the method addComment but it's not applicable in my case. The DOCX file I'm getting from HTML to DOCX conversion and some parts of HTML I want to make as a comment. How can I do that?
I am using a Basic License. 

Posted by admin  · 19-02-2019 - 16:56


The current version of phpdocx can't add comments from HTML tags, you need to use the addComment method. The next release of phpdocx will include support (there's no release date yet).

phpdocx 9 added support to add comments and many other contents and styles from HTML tags using HTML Extended available in Premium licenses:


Posted by slavkovl  · 19-02-2019 - 17:41

Ok, not tags but in a different way. Let's say I will find a place in document somehow and will include comment there with addComment method?