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Html to word - vertical text
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Posted by gmakstutis  · 15-04-2019 - 07:11


I'm using the Drupal plugin.

In CSS we can make text vertical using:

writing-mode: vertical-rl

But this does not translate into the word document.

Is there a way to get vertical text through CSS for HTML-to-Word?

Posted by admin  · 15-04-2019 - 08:06


You can use a dir attribute to set a text direction in paragraphs and cells with the following values: lrTb, tbRl, btLr, lrTbV, tbRlV, tbLrV . Or use a custom paragraph style, on (Using native Word formatting with HTML section) you can read more information about using custom paragraph styles with HTML to DOCX transformations.


Posted by gmakstutis  · 15-04-2019 - 14:30

Maybe I'm missing something...

I've tried:

<td style="dir:btLr">

<div style="dir:btLr">

<span style="dir:btLr">

dir: btLr;

None of these is resulting in vertical text in my docx.

Posted by admin  · 15-04-2019 - 15:14


You can use that property with paragraphs and cells, not with span tags. If you want to use div tags a p tags, you need to enable the parseDivsAsPs option (

These are the available values for that option:

  • lrTb Left to Right, Top to Bottom
  • tbRl Top to Bottom, Right to Left
  • btLr Bottom to Top, Left to Right
  • lrTbV Left to Right, Top to Bottom Rotated
  • tbRlV Top to Bottom, Right to Left Rotated
  • tbLrV Top to Bottom, Left to Right Rotated

This is a simple sample that set tbRl as text direction for one cell content in a table:

$html = '<table border="1" style="border-collapse: collapse" width="600">
                <tr width="600">
                    <td style="background-color: yellow">1_1</td>
                    <td rowspan="3" colspan="2" dir="tbRl">Rotated text</td>
                <tr width="600">
                    <td>Some random text.</td>
                <tr width="600">
                            <li>Two <b>and a half</b></li>
                <tr width="600">

You can also use custom paragraphs styles.


Posted by gmakstutis  · 15-04-2019 - 15:58

Still no joy.

I'm seeing no change with any of these:

<td style="dir:tbRl;">content</td>
<td style="dir:tbRlV;">content</td>

Could this have to do with the fact that I'm using the Drupal 8 plugin? Is something turned off?

Posted by gmakstutis  · 15-04-2019 - 16:00

I've just seen the problem. I'm including it in <style></style> when it is not.


Posted by admin  · 16-04-2019 - 17:25


Yes, you need to set it as an attribute.